Judy, who trucked him over from NY State said to me " I brought the right one didn't I?"
Love that sense of humor!
Turn out first thing friday morning.
Lisa says "I have to be nice to this guy"  John & Cooper making first contact.
Checking out the view. He won't be turned out with the boys till next week.
Look at that mane :-). I love this little guy!
Flower Boy.......... Lisa is just enjoying this way to much !
FPS Justina's Fayre Time aka Cooper arrives at the barn. It is June 2, 2005. He is just 2 1/2yrs old and I look forward to growing old with him.
Cooper is a registered " Morgan" horse.
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Here I am three weeks later,out with the herd, boy did my coat change!
9 weeks later my coat has changed again!
Am I cute or what?
October 21, 2005 Chocolate color is back!
Got my eye on you..
Thanksgiving Snow..........yum
Got any carrots?
December 10, 2005
Out in the back field, Mom called and in he came. What a good boy!
A quiet moment together.
LIsa & Cooper 12/10/2005
Cooper Goes to Camp!!
June 10, 2006
Cooper has been at Camp for a week
Rope work front and back legs
Bearing up well
Gee this isn't too bad!
He looks pretty relaxed with that leg up, He went to camp needing work on holding up his back legs
Trotting out nicely, week three.
Looking good!
Yes, I am finally in the saddle. Photographer and friend, Judy Bosco came and played with us one day between the rain drops and the pictures that follow are from that day.
Thanks Judy, Great Job!
Such concentration, I need to work on my smile!
Working on balance in the canter
I just love how his mane looks here.
Cooper and I, Ears up and smiles, what more could any photographer ask for! We were watching Lynne's dog Dally run around chasing a big ball in her yard across the street.  Funny dog.
The advertising shot!
Baby Pictures
         Just got around to scanning these!
10 months old
14 months old
Cooper went to Camp 2007 this year and worked a few steps in the direction of being a driving pony.
Cooper learned to load into a straight load trailer this year.Now he has stock trailer and straight load under his belt.
I took a photo class at UMASS over the summer and had to do a self portrait.
Can you see me crouched on the ground to take the picture?
My teacher loved it :-)
Ground driving out in the fields.
Coopers friend Scout was glad to see him back home from Camp.
Our herd on a late summer night 2007.
Steelie,Cooper, Bobby, Poco and Rahal.
One problem trying to shoot my own pony, Cooper is that he will not stay away.
I walk away and turn to shoot and he follows.
Even closer
Nose in my pocket!
Cooper and our dog,Baby visiting.
Dec 29, 2007              Winter Head Study
Lisa and her mare were great company on the trails.
February 21st, 2008   Dorsal stripe very visible.
May 25, 2008 Trail ride with friends, Cooper's first large water crossing. Photo by Laurie Luth
Cooper's new evening wear.
August 16, 2008   The golden highlights are back!
Not a bad looking canter.
Cute trot!
Summers glorious colors !
Birthday Boy, Halloween baby!
This is from our first "group" Trail Ride. I met up with one of my former students, Lilyanna.( in real life I teach)
I had to have a shot of us together.Lily is on her mom's horse, Glory and me on Cooper.
They look real interested in each other.  Notice the bells Cooper wears during hunting season.
This is from the Judged Pleasure Ride at the Brookfield Sportmans Club in November 2008.
Our second group trail ride.
We tied for second place in the Novice - Long Ride division.
Happy New Year, first pictures from 2009
My husband John wanted me to include a picture he took.
This is the moment he captured when I made my New Years wish that Cooper would become a driving pony in 2009!!!!
Photo by John Cenis 2009
Driving camp at Green Meads with Jeff Morse.
Cooper left for camp on May 1st, I am so excited and anxious.
Cooper at Green Meads
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