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 Unauthorized use is a federal offense. 
If you would like to use a Shoot That Horse! image, please contact Lisa. 
Remember, these images are just proofs. Prints will be straightened, cropped and color corrected. Additional changes and artistic images are available for a fee. 


I paid for my photos, so I can use them however I'd like, correct?

Actually, you paid for my time and talent. Then, you paid for the piece of paper the image was printed on.Shoot That Horse! still owns the copyright to the image. That copyright determines who controls the reproduction of the image. Reproduction means scanning, copying, e-mailing, screen-saving, or any other means of duplication. 
Just because you can do it does not mean you should. 

If you'd like to use an image for advertising, please contact me about a commercial use license.

 Personal use images must retain the watermark. If you would like an image without the watermark you must purchase a full use image. Contact me for full use prices.

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I know you hate to read this stuff but recent events have prompted me to add this page.