Birthdate:  6/24/09  8:15pm. 
Sire--Andalusian Stallion  Fandango Del Sol of Rothrock Andalusians in Illinois
Dam--Anglo/Arab Mare Nishans New Prospect owned by Lisa Camilleri  
Colt--Andalusian/Anglo/ArabX    Nishan Del Sol.  
Barn names:  Mambo,  Zoom Zoom, Meatball, Little Man.
Less than 24hrs old here.
13 days old
This page is for Cooper's riding trainer Lisa Camilleri, this is her mare's first foal and Lisa's future riding partner.
Welcome to our world little one.
July 18, 2009
Helping Mom work out.
Taking Mom for a walk.

My first videos.

Two Months Old
November 22, 2009
Cuteness plus !
6 months old, out walking with Mom. He is gonna be so awesome.
Such a big boy wearing bells and a blanket, out exploring the world.
The road home, gee is that a Mail truck up there?
Could it be the mail lady who brought my Dad to my Mom?
Ready for the New Year!
9 months old
Checking out the ring at Dufresne Park in Granby.
Strutting my stuff
Nicely balanced trot
At home, working the puddles.

Northeast Andalusian Show
Mt Holyoke College
July 23. 2010

Checking out those mirrors
That winning smile.
Champion ribbon
Pround Mom!
Just over a year old now look how you have grown!